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Trillium Record Adaptor USB - Line Connect - CTRI17


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Premium solution for recording direct from you analogue telephone line to your PC. Connects to the USB port allowing you to record calls from any telephone connected to the line and while using a cordless, hands-free, normal telephone or conference unit. Has the added advantage of providing Auto Level Control to balance far end and near end voice levels.

To confirm this product is compatible with your current telephone system, please consult the Trillium Compatibility Chart or call us on 0508 222 553.

Key Features:

  • Connects directly to the telephone line allowing recording of calls on any analogue or cordless telephones or conference units
  • 2 Year Warranty
  • Free shipping in NZ for all online orders
  • Hardware Off Hook and Ring Detection (requires software to access)
  • Inbuilt telephone line cord and parallel socket allows flexible and easy connections
  • High quality recording
  • Easy customer installation and simple to use
  • Records calls from multiple phones connected to the same telephone line
  • Powered from USB port - does not require batteries or Power Adaptor