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Olympus Dictation Smartphone Service - CO448


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Record, annotate and send - all from the convenience of your smartphone! Download the free Olympus Dictation app from Google Play or iTunes to turn your smartphone into a quick, easy to use recorder.

Go further.....For a broader range of features, including the ability to send those large dictation files securely from your phone to a transcriptionist, why not consider upgrading to the Olympus Dictation Delivery Service (ODDS)? Review what enhancements purchasing a full ODDS Licence will bring you in the 'Key Features' section......

The Olympus Standard License grants one user full access to the Olympus Dictation Delivery Service for one year.

Not sure? Arrange a no obligation, free 30 day trial of the full ODDS licence by calling our Freephone number.

Key Features:

  • Full editing and overwrite capabilities
  • Secure file transfer between the dictation smartphone and the specified email recipient
  • Password protected dictations
  • Support of industry standard speech recording audio formats (DSS and DSS Pro)
  • Ability to communicate the author/work type seamlessly into the Olympus Dictation System
  • Attach images and notes to your dictation files.
  • Utilise the cloud-based Olympus Dictation Portal via your smartphone