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Call Catch COMPLY - Large Business - CC451


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Call Catch COMPLY brings simplicity to recording, with a flexible solution that is easy to specify, install and manage.It focuses on voice and data capture, that covers everything from storage to event logging, to retrieval, playback and analysis.

- Suitable for IP, TDM or Hybrid telephone environments
-Certified on all major telephone platforms
-Adaptive, open-web architecture
- Secure centralised web access, administration and analysis

It is a smart, reliable and cost-effect technology platform, which businesses need. Call Catch COMPLY includes web-based interfaces that give worldwide access to replay, configure and maintain the application.

With well over 20 years of testing and a capable development team with a strong reputation for innovation behing its products, it is littel wonder that Call Catch COMPLY products are used in over 120 countries.

Call Catch COMPLY is used by many New Zealand government departments and corporates, such as the New Zealand Police, Emergency Services and HRV.

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Note - the photo displays INTERACT version screen shot not COMPLY

Key Features:

  • Single server solution - all recording, archive and replay functionality for a total converged solution from a single software applicatoin on one server
  • Referential Integrity - stores all data about a call along with the call, meaning changes to configuation tormorrow will not affect calls or changes to their call details made today
  • Embedded soltuions - audio and data stored together within the recorded files, offering simple architecture, ease of use and total availability of calls against alld ata items
  • VoIP Simplicity - automatic detection and tracking of recordable devices
  • Browser based - simple, easy to use and roll out
  • Converged solution - one server to meet all recording requirements
  • Unique recording engine - secure, encrypted and authenitcated recordings
  • Tested and trusted recording solution