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Innovation key to Jabra's success

Jabra, part of GN Netcom, is the world's fastest growing supplier of hands-free communication devices.

GN Netcom was founded in Denmark in 1869, as the Great Northern Telegraph company (GN) with the global goal to create a telegraph network connecting the superpowers of the time; France, Great Britain, Russia and East Asia. One hundred years later, GN had expanded further with a cable network with connections from North America via Siberia to Japan.

In 1977 a Danish hearing aid producer was acquired, which became a turning point in the GN Netcom's direction.

Jabra meanwhile was founded in 1983 in Utah USA, by an entrepreneur Elwood Norris, who developed ear-radio and ear-microphone technologies. Over the next 17 years Jabra developed many innovative "firsts" for the emerging headset industry. These innovations included:

  • the first in-ear integrated microphone and speaker
  • inventing EarGels©
  • developed DSP based echo and noise cancelling technologies
  • the first company to tune a headset over-the-air
  • the first Bluetooth headset
  • Scottish operations were acquired by Jabra in 1996 in a move to leverage Bluetooth technologies for headsets.

To complement GN Netcom's existing expertise in hearing aids and headsets, GN acquired Jabra in 2000. Jabra were the leading manufacturer of hands-free devices for mobile phones in the US.

Today all GN's functions are housed in one 50,000 square metre building in Denmark.

GN Netcom continues to market headsets globally under the Jabra brand, reinforcing their position as a word-leading headset supplier, with innovation as the hallmark.

Cackle stocks New Zealand's most extensive range of Jabra wireless and wired headsets, and supporting accessories. These include affordably priced entry level wired headsets, like any of the hugely popular Jabra GN 2000 series for contact centres and offices; to the high end with many more features, like the Jabra PRO 9470 UC wireless headset that can be used with your phone and your computer.

With years of experience selling Jabra products, we know we can rely on Jabra headsets. Let us help you find the right headset for your business.

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