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Wireless Headsets

Q: I do not have clear audio. What could be wrong?

A: The clear dial tone switch and microphone volume settings must match your desk phone. Follow the steps in the Quick Start Guide for setting up the product correctly.

Q: How do I get rid of the echo in my headset?

A: The audio level from the microphone on your Headset should approximately match that of your deskphone. If you are hearing echo, chances are that the volume of the headset's microphone is set too high. Try adjusting the microphone level of the headset down, one step at a time, while talking (see the user guide for your headset model). As the microphone volume level drops, you will notice the echo will reduce or be eliminated.

Q: The person at the other end of the call has difficulty hearing me when I use my headset. What could be wrong?

A: If the person at the other end of the call has difficulty hearing you when you are using your headset, you should adjust the microphone boom arm tip. This is particularly important when using a headset with a noise-cancelling microphone which must be positioned quite close to the mouth. Alternatively, please adjust the microphone volume on the back of the base. Refer to the Quick Start Guide or User Manual for more information.

Q: Why doesn’t Auto EHS mode detect the connected EHS cable?

A: In order for auto EHS mode to be fully functional the EHS cable must be plugged in before the base is powered on. Exceptions include Siemens OptiPoint, which must be selected in the voice prompted settings menu (remote call control).

Q: Why do I have distorted speaker sound?

A: This could be because the speaker volume setting is too high. Adjust the volume accordingly down on your deskphone, mobile phone, softphone and/or on the headset, until you find a lower, but improved setting.

Q: I cannot answer/end deskphone calls via the headset

A: Make sure that you choose the correct EHS mode on the headset during installation (see the user guide for your headset model).

If you have a Handset lifter, please make sure that you have adjusted it to lift the handset high enough, so you can get audio from the deskphone.

Q: I have no sound at all in my headset

A: Make sure you have power on the headset base and your headset is turned on

Q: Why am I getting a buzzing sound in my headset?

A: Assuming the device has been set up correctly, the desk phone may not be fully immune to the radio signals the headset uses. To overcome this problem, move the headset base at least 30 cm away from the desk phone.

Q: Is it possible to automate calling and answering on my desk phone without using a handset lifter?

A: Yes, if the desk phone has an electronic hookswitch (EHS) feature. Contact Cackle to determine if your phone is compatible with EHS.

Wired Headsets

Q: My headset is plugged into my phone but I can’t hear anything through it.

A: Make sure the cord is firmly connected at both ends

Ensure you have the correct cord by checking the relevant compatibility guide for the manufacturer of your headset.

If the cord is correct, try a known good cord using the same phone and headset to determine where the fault lies.

Q: I have a Smart/Intelligent Cord which is not working with my phone

A: Make sure you have changed the switch on the cord to the appropriate setting for your desk phone.

Following are the correct switch positions for the Jabra GN1200 Smart Cord and Xenexx i12 Intelligent Cord

Switch Position Matching Telephone System Amplified Microphone
1 Standard (most common), Including Polycom IP Phones No
2 Cisco IP phones 79xx series No
3 Ascom office and Philips phones No
4 Japanese phones, NEC , Nitsuko No
5 Plantronics Vista Base No
6 Panasonic phones with modular jack Yes
7 Nortel digital phones, Shoretel and Avaya IP phones** Yes
8 Avaya Callmaster V and VI, Cisco IP phones 79xx series Yes

Q: Can I connect my wired telephone headset to my computer?

A: Yes, you can through the use of a QD to USB adapter. Please contact us to determine the correct adapter for your brand of headset.

Q: Why are people complaining that it is difficult to hear me?

A: If you have a flexible microphone boom, ensure it is placed within 2cm of your mouth.

Call Recording

Q: How do I determine which CallRecorder Software best suits my phone call recording needs?

A: It’s important to choose the right CallRecorder software for your needs. The wrong recorder can not only result in operations that are less than optimal, it can also cause delays and incur unnecessary costs for businesses.

The CallRecorder software is available in two formats: Manual and Automatic.

The Manual software requires the user to start and stop call recordings using the mouse or keyboard function key (F1 –F12). As this version requires some time to operate, it is most suitable for recording specific calls. The Automatic version record phone calls without manual input. It detects the start of a conversation on the telephone and immediately commences recording. It also detects when the call has ended, stopping and saving it immediately thereafter. The Automatic version provides greater flexibility as it can run in manual, semi-automatic and automatic modes.

Q: How much space do the telephone recordings take up on my hard drive?

A: The amount of disk space your call recordings take up depends on the quality level you choose at the time of saving your file. Typically, a one minute recording requires approximately 2,600KB of disk space; however, this can be reduced to as low as 63KB by selection of the correct audio format and attributes.

Durafon Phones

Q: How to I register my Durafon handset to the base?

A: New Durafon handsets need to be registered to your base station. Repaired handsets will also normally need to be registered to your base station.

For reliable operation, keep the handset at least 1 metre away from the base station.

Press and hold the Registration Button on the base station until all LED’s on the base light up. (This takes about 3 seconds).


Once all of the LED’s are lit, follow the proceeding steps on the Durafon handset;

1. With the handset on, press the menu button.

2. Select menu option 6 – Registration

3. Select menu option 1 – Register

4. The handset should display “Registration Complete”

‘Register’ must be selected while the LED’s on the base are still lit. (30 seconds). If the base times out and the LED’s turn off, repeat the procedure.