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Want to buy a business telephone?
You have the business phone system but are looking for new or additional telephones for your business. Maybe you are replacing a broken phone, upgrading for more features or a longer range. Perhaps you have changed your premises or switched telephone systems, and need compatible phones. We can help.

Let's start with the type of phone you need.

Analogue, Digital or IP phone system?

Phone systems are usually analogue, digital or Internet Protocol (IP), so you need a telephone that will connect successfully with your system.

Analogue systems are the older type of system that will often still be used for faxing. Small businesses and Home offices will usually be the only types of businesses that use analogue phone systems.

Digital systems have been around for decades. They usually connect into a PABX and are connected to a computer that controls the system.

IP phone systems use the internet to carry the telephone conversations, and are called Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP). They must use phones designed for IP systems. If you are not sure what type of phone system you are on, it's best to ask your IT support people.

Cackle has a range of different telephones to suit a variety of uses and types of businesses. We stock Analogue phones, IP phones and Long Range phones from major brands including Alcatel, Polycom and Engenius. We don't stock digital phones.

All the phones we sell are tested to meet the rigorous New Zealand PTC and TNA specifications for electrical safety and radio frequency compliance, and have been granted a Telepermit. Look for the green sticker on all our phones, as a Telepermit is necessary on all phones to be allowed to be used on the Telecom New Zealand network.

So what type of phone do you want?

Analogue phones

Home offices and smaller businesses usually find the Analogue phone is the best fit for them. The phone is simple to use, not loaded with unnecessary features, and is affordable. These phones are also available with a compatible headset and cable, as part of the headset and phone bundles.

The Alcatel branded phones have an excellent reputation worldwide for making quality products at an affordable price. These analogue phones are not suitable for larger businesses as they would usually need a digital phone or IP phone to connect to their internal switch systems.

IP telephone

Designed to connect with the more sophisticated technologies used in larger businesses, an IP phone system lets your business have potentially thousands of phones in many locations, around the world even. IP phones use Voice over Internet Protocol - VoIP, sometimes known as Session Initiated Protocol - SIP, to carry the calls over the internet. This can mean a call to an international office costs only a few cents, as the phone system takes advantage of cheap internet calling.

We sell Polycom phones. They offer enterprise grade telephones that are easy to use, work with existing communications environments and deliver superb audio quality.

Long Range Phones

A Long Range phone gives you the freedom to use the phone when you are a long distance from your desk. In many situations standard cordless phones do not have the range to carry calls, and using a mobile phone can incur additional ongoing costs, and may not connect easily to your company's PBX and VoIP phone system.

Long Range phones are designed for the many different types of users who have long range phone needs. Some, like the DuraFon PRO range, are very robust, built to survive the regular use in outdoor work environments like farming or construction sites. They can be used up to 8km in flat terrain or up to 12 floors of in-building penetration, so are perfect for the task.

The Freestyl range, with its sleek design should appeal to workers where they need to roam beyond the office, like hotels, multi-storey buildings and resthomes. These powerful phones penetrate concrete, dry-wall and wood, and can be used up to 6 floors away from the base.

The EnGenius brand we stock, offers the best range of reliable, durable and versatile long range phones for business needs.

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