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Choosing a Headset

Cackle Telecommunications specialise in headsets and headset accessories for both businesses and personal use. Whether you are looking for a single headset or completely fitting out a commercial office or call centre we will help you to find the ideal headset for the job! We recommend anyone who uses a telephone for an hour and a half or more should be taking advantage of a headset. Headsets are advantageous from a health and safety point of view, as well as improving productivity.

To find the best headset for your usage, answer these easy questions. If you are having trouble choosing, call the team at Cackle for more information and advice. We are here to help you work out exactly what it is you want!

What are you connecting to?
The first question that you will need to answer is what are you connecting to? Are you looking for a headset that connects to your telephone for calling or for your computer for use on skype calls or other soft phone calling over the internet? If the answer to this question is “both”, not to worry, you will not require two different headsets! We have a range of wireless headset options that are compatible with both telephones and computers.

Where will you be using your headset? What we mean by this is do you need mobility or will you be primarily sitting at a desk? If you need to move around the office, for example grab a file, a wireless headset is going to be your best option. It lets you multitask (please note, for remote answering you will need a headset lifter or EHS cables, please talk to the support team at Cackle for more information and compatibility). On the other hand if you are seated in the same place while using the headset more than 80% of the time then a wired option would work best and they are more cost-effective.

What type of environment will you be in? There are two factors in your work environment which can influence your choice of headset. First is the noise levels around you. For the sake of the customer at the other end of your phone, a headset with a noise cancelling microphone will reduce the background noise. Alternatively, if there is too much noise in your environment to hear your customers and you don’t need to regularly talk to the people in your office to do your job, a double-sided headset might be useful. They cut down the background noise and allow you to focus better on your customers.

In terms of a double-sided headset, you will need to consider whether this is suitable for your work environment. If you very rarely communicate with other people around you this may be suitable (such as in a call centre), however if you are regularly interacting with other employees or customers, a single-sided headset will be more practicable (such as an office receptionist).

Personal Preference
If you have used a headset previously, you may have already developed a personal preference in terms of comfort and appearance. Headset wearing style options includes headbands, neckbands and earhooks.

Price and Quality Headsets come in a range of different quality levels, for which you will pay the appropriate price. Ultimately, the more you pay the better quality you will have in terms of features, comfort and clarity. Most headsets come with a two year warranty for peace of mind.

The Final Decision
By now you will have determined the following:

  • Computer or Telephone Headset (or both)
  • Wired or Wireless Headset
  • Headset Features including noise cancelling mic and single or double ear speakers
  • Headset Style; headband, earhook or neckband
  • Price Range

Check out the range of headsets based on your individual requirements:
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Wired (USB) Computer Headset
Wireless Headsets for Telephones and Computers

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