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A wired headset is good for people who are sitting at their desk for most of the day. If you are on the telephone for over 1.5 hours per day or take more than 10-15 calls a day, you should use a headset to prevent neck and back injuries and strain. Headsets for desk phones use DECT technology which is a safe technology to use. Wired headsets work with all types of VoIP, digital and analogue desk telephones. Many business telephones connect a wired headset through a dedicated headset port on the side of the telephone.

However, some telephones dont have headset ports. Telephones with headset ports normally have them located on the left or right hand side of the telephone. They can be 2.5mm or 3.5mm round headset ports or rectangular like a telephone jack. If you cant tell refer to our article - How to choose the right cord for your headset? You need to know to get the correct cord to connect the headset. We have listings on our website for the type of cord you need for 2.5,mm, 3.5mm or RJ headset ports, when you drill into each headset model.

Not what you were looking for? Cackle has a full range of headsets including USB computer headsets and wireless headsets.

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