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Call Recorders


When you ring a company that has a customer service centre and they have a pre-recorded message saying that your call maybe recorded for training and security purposes, chances are they ARE using call recording. Call recording can be used by virtually anyone in business, but we will narrow this down a bit for you. Essentially if any transactions or contracts take place over the telephone there may be a need to record them, such as customer services, call centres, lawyers, HR consultants, project or contract managers, finance, banking and insurance companies. There are many more applications as well.

Why use call recording?

  • To monitor your sales and customer services to make improvements and training programs
  • Review calls to verify purchases, orders or details
  • Retain important calls for later review
  • Record telephone interviews for HR, transcription or web casting
  • Review calls to research your valuable sales and marketing data
  • Comply with legal, statutory and regulatory requirements
  • Deter nuisance and abusive callers

There are call recording options to suit all budgets from simple inline call recorders for one to four telephones or comprehensive solutions for large business call recording software and also those in between.

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