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How to choose the right cord for your wired headset?

Most corded headsets require a cord to connect to your telephone or computer. To connect to your computer, this is pretty straight forward, you either select a direct connect USB headset or select the connecting cord with the USB option.

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Headset for Phones

There are many different brands of headsets. The two world-leading brands are Jabra and Plantrontics. Headsets can be used to connect to phones, computers, tablets, laptops, and mobile phones. Sometimes one headset can connect to a phone, computer and mobile phone.

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Customer service – What do Kiwi’s want?

One in five New Zealand consumers had a negative experience with their telco provider in the past year, with phone companies contributing one-third of all bad customer service experiences.

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Speaker Phones vs Conference Phones – Effective Communication

You may think that you have a perfectly good speaker phone on your desk to use for conferences but is it really that good? If you ask the other people in the room or those on the end of the phone, they would probably say NO! Speaker phones on your telephone have a limited ability to produce good sound quality at both ends.

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10 Steps to Effective Cold Calling

Cold calling or sales calls using a script is harder than talking to a customer when they call you.  It all depends on who you are calling and the reason you are calling. Despite this here are the top considerations to ensure your effectiveness when making cold calls.

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10 Steps to Effective Inbound Call Handling

It can be said that a tradesman is only as good as the tools he is using. This applies to your business as well. The telephone is inarguably the most important tool a business has, and so it should be used EFFECTIVELY. Good businesses will have robust rules and scripts around using the telephone for both inbound and outbound calls.

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Why New Zealand Call Centres Don't Use Call Recording?

The reasons why New Zealanders don’t commonly use voice recording are pretty straight forward. However, there are many technology platforms, which the rest-of-the-world use to their benefit, which NZ businesses can’t even start to entertain. Is it all to do with our size and scalability? Maybe so.

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Call Centre Metrics - What is First Call Resolution?

In another article we talked about FCR or first call resolution – which simply means getting it right for customers the first time they call.

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How to Save Money and have Happier Staff and Customers for FREE

In today’s economic climate most of us are trying to keep our operational costs to a minimum, while trying to balance adequate service levels. Normally, when you cut costs there is a trade off with the level of service that you can offer.

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How to Record a Phone Call

It doesn’t really matter why you want to record your phone calls – you just want to know how to do it, right?

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Cackle signs Call Catch agreement

Cackle Telecommunications has signed a distribution agreement with 247 Distribution Ltd for the Call Catch voice recording software.

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